Deena in Bucharest, Romania   Photo: Florin Ghioca

  Journalist and photographer Deena A. Delfosse discovered her passion over 17 years ago in a high school art class in Cincinnati, Ohio, and she hasn't stopped taking pictures since.  Deena majored in Electronic Media at Xavier University, was the Photography Editor of her college newspaper, and served as Editor in Chief for Xavier's yearbook.  She was elated when photography went digital- her first digital camera resembled a toaster more than a camera. In 2007 after spending several years photographing the culture of vibrant Los Angeles, California, she set off on a 22 month long photography and CouchSurfing adventure around the world.  The tour included over 170 cities in 36 countries: 27 European nations, Morocco, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, 22 of the United States of America and a grand finale of five weeks in India.  The Mission- To See and Experience the World.  She was sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, and always with a camera. Deena had dreamt about and planned for such a trip for 8 years, before accepting the adventure.  The need to travel was in her blood, and although she had a great career and wonderful friends, she knew that there was more that she needed to see, learn and discover.   She vowed to literally see the world.  To see the Sistine Chapel, the Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, and all of the beauty this world has to offer. In her photography, Deena enjoys a realist, photojournalistic approach, and has covered events as varied as the Cannes Film Festival, the Pushkar Camel Fair, Oktoberfest, Queen's Day, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, sporting events, concerts and even Chinese Buddhist monks playing ping pong.  She adores animals and is forever cuddling and photographing stray cats and dogs.  She also enjoys the depth of character that can be captured when photographing the elderly, and the joy and innocence of youth.  Deena loves to capture the simple moments that make up life as well as the magnificent beauty of nature.  Her strong sense of compassion and her true love of life is evident in her colorful and thought invoking works. Deena has exhibited in Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; Wilmington, NC; Atlanta, Georgia; Reykjavik, Iceland and London, England.  Outside of journalism she has worked for a number of years as a Civil Rights Investigator, which was very fulfilling, and as  a Corporate Insurance Broker, which was very enlightening. Since 2010 Deena has been based in London, England where she has refocused her career on photography and writing, which she finds to be both challenging and soul nourishing.  Her current project, 100 Couches- An Around-the-World CouchSurfing Adventure, is a narrative non-fiction book about the nearly two years she spent living on the couches and in the lives of over 130 hosts in 36 countries.  The book focuses on the connections, the friendships, the adventures, challenges, and discoveries that she made when she set out to truly see the world.  The always shifting, always changing, colorful, beautiful, kaleidoscope of a world.