Hello and welcome!  I’m glad you’re here. DEEPict is a way of seeing the world far past the surface.  Explore a little deeper, examine a little closer, feel a little more. I’m a traveling journalist, a photographer and an avid couchsurfer.  In March of 2007 I resigned from the corporate world of Los Angeles, packed away my high heels and set off on a couchsurfing journey that encompassed 174 cities in 36 countries.  For two years over 140 couches were my home from Thailand to Turkey, Morocco to Mumbai. Now  I'm writing a book about my adventure, 100 Couches- A Couchsurfing Adventure Around the World, to share the journey and inspire the world to dream bigger.  The trip was a lifelong dream come true by all of my amazing friends on couchsurfing.org. Please come in, take a look around and share in the wonders of our world.  Check out the galleries, pick up some advice on world travel, solo travel as a woman, photography, music and life.  Explore the power of positivity.  DEEPict. Dream Bigger! -Deena